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                               SANTA BARBARA INDEPENDENT

                                     SANTA CRUZ SENTINEL

                                     GOOD TIMES



Some "tribute" bands pretend to be the originals - the result is always dismal. They never stand up well to the comparison, and they tend to play “greatest hits.” There is only one Joni Mitchell. If I want to hear Joni Mitchell, I’ll tap into my music collection – perhaps even put on some of those LPs

from the '60s and '70s!

This band does it right! Theirs is not a tribute but a celebration. A group of talented musicians come together and play selections from Joni’s 40-plus year musical catalog that highlight her complex arrangements and vocal range. They are not slavish in reproducing the original songs. They blend their strengths as musicians with Mitchell’s art and the result is a delight.

Thanks for sharing a lovely evening with us in Green Valley, Arizona!

-George Metezsky

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